In Ƶ, we believe scientific literacy is an important part of the future each student creates. Through engaging instruction and collaboration with teachers and peers, each student is uniquely capable of exploring and understanding the natural world around them. We believe that

    • Students learn science best by constructing their knowledge and understandings through inquiry learning;
    • Real world connections solidify the understanding of science;
    • Collaborative student interaction is a critical component of science instruction
    • Ongoing data-gathering and assessment, both by teachers and students, guide daily instruction
    • Lessons and assessments are based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills curriculum framework


    To engage and encourage our students every day, we as Ƶ science teachers will:

    • Use inquiry learning to help students think critically
    • Have our students doing science
    • Collaborate to find the best lessons for student success
    • Formatively assess student learning and adjust instruction accordingly
    • Provide a safe environment for our students


    Keith Morrison
    Secondary Science Coordinator